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Storage Unit Size Guide

When it comes to self-storage, finding the right unit size is essential to ensure you’re maximising your space and budget.
At The Lock-Up Self Store, we offer a range of unit sizes to accommodate your needs.
Here are two of our most popular sizes:

What it can hold: A 25 sq ft unit is perfect for storing small items such as boxes, seasonal decorations, or sports equipment. It’s also ideal for storing documents and files.

Comparable to: This size is similar to a walk-in closet, providing enough space for your basic storage needs.

Is it for you?: If you have a modest amount of items to store or need to clear out some clutter, the 25 sq ft unit is a cost-effective choice.

What it can hold: The 200 sq ft unit is spacious and versatile, capable of storing the contents of a three to four-bedroom house. This size is perfect for furniture, appliances, and larger inventory.

Comparable to: Imagine a single-car garage when visualizing the space in a 200 sq ft unit. It’s an excellent choice for those in need of more extensive storage solutions.

Is it for you?: If you’re moving, renovating, or running a business with substantial inventory, the 200 sq ft unit provides ample room to meet your needs.

Remember that these are just two examples of our unit sizes. At The Lock-Up Self Store, we offer a range of sizes, with units varying between 25 sq ft and 200 sq ft to ensure you find the perfect fit for your belongings. If you’re unsure which size is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff, who can provide guidance based on your specific requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to make your storage experience as convenient as possible.

Need to change your agreement?

We are very flexible at The Lock-Up Self Store. If you ever need to adjust your storage plan, simply get in touch, and we can help discuss the right solution to perfectly align with your evolving requirements.

Our Somerset storage units are available for monthly rental, with the first month’s payment due in advance.

If you require assistance with moving your belongings, we can connect you with reputable moving services. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly provide recommendations.

For more information about our storage facilities, feel free to visit our FAQS page
 or reach out to our team with any specific inquiries.